again DAYMAX 2500 puffs disposable vape pod

2500 puffs
7 ml liquid
1200 mAh battery
12 flavors
VAPEHOME original
In order to meet the needs of the market and serve our customers better ,we made "daymax"  , a MTL disposable vape device with 7ml liquid and 1200 mAh battery , max 2500 puffs and amazing flavors 

12 flavors available:

Salty Cheese 
Lychee Cantaloupe 
Guava Gum
Strawberry Shake
Pineapple Coconut
Cola Rum
Double Apple
Ice Watermelon
Banana Shake
Blue Raspberry
Model again DAYMAX
Battery  1200 mAh
Liquid  7.0 ml
Nicotine Strenth 5%
Mode  MTL inhaling